Bundaberg Fire Services

Bundaberg Fire Services

Bundaberg Fire ServicesMany business owners don’t think about emergencies like fire and natural disasters.

Not preparing for these events, though, is a big mistake and could cause a complete business loss.

If you own a business, Bundaberg Fire services can help prevent fires and losses by installing equipment that will help put out fires as quickly as possible.
No matter what business you’re in, you will need Bundaberg Fire services, fire extinguishers are a must-have item. There are different classes of extinguishers based on the types of fires; for example, a grease fire from a kitchen will require a different class than a paper or wood fire.

Ideally you would have several extinguishers placed throughout your establishment.

Sprinkler systems can be programmed to work automatically, and they can also be equipped with manual switches. The sprinklers help to calm the fire and keep it from spreading.

This is ideal for all businesses, but particularly restaurants, where kitchen fires can erupt quickly. Bundaberg Fire services is the best solution for these cases.
AS Fire Management is a privately owned company and offers a vast range (All Systems) of products and installations along with 15 years of specialised licensed experience in the passive fire protection and building industries.
We are the market leading provider of passive fire protection All Systems. We perform installation, certifications, inspections, materials sales and our unrivalled industry reputation for excellence in service and workmanship.
AS Fire Management take nothing but pride in our workmanship and installations as per manufacturers specifications. This means you are getting the best service along with a code complaint and fully certified finished product.

AS Fire Management thrives on our ability to provide clients with new and innovative methods of solving fire passive rating issues.

Certification to all components installed by AS Fire Management is included as part of the job.
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