• All products installed are tested in accordance with AS 1530.4 and AS4072.1 generating required FRL (Fire Rating Levels) as specified by client or advisory
  • Fire audits, carrying out annual inspections / audit on buildings to fire riser and wall service penetrations, creating report with photo graphical evidence of compliance. Penetrations including electrical, plumbing, comms, fire dampers, fire doors and any component fire sprayed (structural steel, A/C Ducts).
  • New works including penetration fire seals where new trades have run a cable/pipe/penetration through an existing fire sealed penetration or where new penetration created.
  • Fire spray repairs and new works. Vermiculite can be damaged by vehicles, people, and in some cases water. AS Fire Management Pty Ltd can rectify this by removing damage and reinstating to bring back to compliance. New structural steel fire spray.
  • Air Conditioning fire rating separation. AS Fire Management provide all aspects of Air Conditioning fire separation by means of fire spray, fire wrap and fire rated board encasement’s, rectification and replace of fire dampers and damper penetration
  • One off design and specialty installs where technically advanced systems are designed to create and ensure fire rating is achieved to specified level being bulkheads, shaft walls, encasement’s of non-fire rated services in egress etc.

Penetrations And Joint Sealing

One advantage of engaging AS Fire Management Pty Ltd to rectify or install as new to fire service penetrations you can rest easy knowing our trained installers will install and certify also bring a non-compliant/altered penetration to the current standard required by all governing parties.

Penetration registers are created with Form 16 compliance certificate to ensure piece of mind, if/when trades change, drill or damage to run further services labels are fixed so the contractor can make contact and have a licensed rectification to have location re-sealed and re-certified.

Fire Spray To Building Elements

Our installers take absolute pride when using the usually messy fire spray application, training and supervision ensures a quality finish clients are generally surprised with the completed product and professional clean up.

Structural Steel Fire Spray install Vermiculite Based coating or Intumescent Paint.

Fire Spray, Fire Duct Wrap or Fire Rated board can be installed to protect Ventilation Ducts where required to keep fire internal or keep fire external up to 4 hour fire rating levels.

High VoltageV Encasement – Fire Spray or Fire Rated Board to encapsulate High VoltageV Cables where running thru areas require fire protection

Specialty Installations

We frequently are engaged to design un-specified one-off fire rating solutions, Management along with our tech experts endeavor to find tested and approved solutions to put the hassle of major building works out of the equation.

Our professional expert and knowledge of the industry spanning over 15 years and between us and our tech support up to 40 years of experience there is no issue too great that we would not be able to help.

We have been involved in several major commercial construction projects and look forward to being of assistance in any means possible.