New Commercial
Passive Fire Protection

Building - Building works new and refurbishment, Retrofit Fire Walls and compartment barriers
All new works relating specifically to Passive Fire Protection. Penetrations including electrical, plumbing, and communications. Fire dampers, fire doors and any component requiring fire spray (structural steel, A/C Ducts)

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Domestic And Refurb Construction
Passive Fire Protection

Rectification works to upgrade fire rated systems. Fire Spray repairs and new works as vermiculite can be damaged by vehicles, people and water. AS Fire management can rectify this by removing damage and reinstating fire spray to bring back compliance. AS Fire Management also carry out Fire Barrier upgrades, fire penetration and joint seal rectifications. Do you have a Certifier report? Send it to us to review and come up with a solution.
Fire Walls - new installs, rectification and fire wall extentions

Existing Building
Inspection Audits
Fire Services rectifications

Fire Audits - carrying out annual inspections on buildings to service penetrations - Fire Dampers - Fire Doors - Access Panles through fire rated elements and creating a report with photo graphical evidence of compliance. AS Fire Management can create a one off design including specialty installs where technically advanced systems are designed to create and ensure fire rating is achieved. Bulkheads, shaft walls, encasement's of non-fire rated services in egress are just a few of our custom installs available.

Project Management

You can rest easy knowing our trained installers will bring non-compliant issues to the current standard required by all governing parties.
AS Fire Management can project manage all aspects to service and maintain buildings such as hydrant work, alarm systems and detection systems. All works and testing is licensed and guaranteed.

Passive Fire Protection Specialists

Offering comprehensive gold class services in the construction industry and fire services to existing buildings, no job too big or too small. Quality plus heavily experienced in Inspections and installations that gives the client piece of mind when choosing AS Fire Management to look after their fire safety requirements.

Please feel free to call and experience the industry leading experience.

Servicing ALL locations QLD – NSW and further.