Fire Services

New commercial building typical fire separation to penetrations and Joint Sealing, Structural steel fire protection, Ventalation Duct Fire Rating and advanced more specifically designed fire rating systems – design and construct.

Servicing the domestic side where fire separation is a requirement for tenancies to achieve FRL (fire rating levels) to comply with current BCA and QBCC requirements. Competitive rates with same professional outcome pride themselves on professional presentation, quality workmanship and ensuring client is happy and satisfied then issuing quality sign off documentation at completion of assigned work.


Passive Fire Protection Specialists

  • Servicing new and existing buildings in the fire rating industry for 15 years, and continue to provide
    the essential service required to maintain existing buildings and new buildings in the
    commercial construction sector.
  • Professionally advising clients and building owners of the most cost effective and practical fire rating for specified element required by BCA or principal certification requirements.
  • Providing peace of mind during quoting by making information available on products and specific installation as per manufacturers to satisfy specifications for works set out.
  • Fire Door and Fire Damper inspections and reports to satisfy QFRS at annual inspection times and offer rectification works where required.
  • All systems when it comes to any aspect of fire separation / passive fire protection.
  • Hydrant, Alarms, Detection system inspect and rectify where all in one service is required.

AS Fire Management Pty Ltd will not advise nor make unnecessary comment when not required.


AS Fire Management Pty Ltd specialises in the supply, installation and assist manufacturers with design of Passive Fire Protection systems.  As we are completely independent of any major manufacturers, we are able to offer a complete service using the best available products at competitive rates and customize to satisfy customer with cost effective compliant resolutions.

Typical areas in which we will be able to assist you with fire protection are as follows:-

  • Fire Rating Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Services penetrating any Fire Rated elements (e.g. masonry walls & floors) within the building structure.
  • Fire Rated Encasements of Steel Columns & Beams and Mechanical Ducts.
  • Fire Spray Application to Steel Structural Supports
  • Fire Spray to Air Ventilation duct systems where required
  • Intumescent Paint Coatings to Structural Steel.
  • Construction of Fire Rated Duct Systems.
  • Construction Joint Sealing (Fire Rated & Non- Rated)
  • Fire Barrier, fire wall extensions and Party Fire Wall upgrades
  • Fire  Collars to suit UPVC Pipe work
  • Fire Rated Doors & Frame Systems.
  • Annual essential service inspections and certifications
  • Fire Damper Inspections and Rectification work
  • Fire Rated Access Panels
  • Flame retardants to fabrics and timbers
  • Fire walls – Fire seperation walls – Fire party walls
  • Building works – Building – Trade builder – Carpentry